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Meet The Team

Getting the Job Done Right

Brian Langston

Co Owner

Brian is a lifelong hunter from Conroe, TX. He primarily hunts whitetail deer, but has been around the world for bears, elk, moose and more.


Davin Langston

Co Owner

The son of Brian, Davin has been with West Houston Archery for 8 years and has a beautiful wife and daughter. He has been shooting since he was a child and has won many competitions.


Richard Brittain

Bow Technician

Rich has been with WHA for 15 years. He consistently strives to provide our customers with the best service regardless of if you're a beginner or more advanced. Well versed in crossbows, he is our in house crossbow expert.


Rick Erdmann

Bow Technician

Rick is one of our most experienced techs having been in the industry over 30 years, he used to have his own business making and selling recurve bows.


Jason Ruiz

Bow Technician

Jason has 2 years experience in the archery community and is the organizer of our monthly target shoots held here at the shop. 


Max Langston

Door Greeter/ Security

Max is the head of security at our shop. At only 2 feet tall, he is by far the best security detail we have ever seen.

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